The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony is held on the grounds of President’s Park, also home to the White House. As one of the over 400 sites protected and preserved by the National Park Service, the park has served many purposes throughout the years, from a field for infantry drills to the host to celebrations such as the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

With over 300 million visitors each year and over 85 million acres to protect, the National Park Service requires significant funding to ensure parks remain pristine and welcoming to all. Chartered by Congress in 1967 as the official nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, the National Park Foundation helps guide charitable giving to the greatest needs within the National Park Service, including supporting the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Learn about the work of the National Park Foundation by visiting the National Park Foundation website.


Visiting President’s Park is a truly unique National Park Service experience. Need help planning your visit to President’s Park? During the holiday season or any time of year, you can always check out the park’s website for operating hoursthings to do, and contact information.

If you’re looking to tour the White House, make sure to plan in advance, and reference this guide to setting one up.