GE Lighting

GE Lighting is making the National Christmas Tree greener than it has ever been by developing and employing the latest in energy efficient lighting. GE Lighting is also celebrating its 52nd consecutive year designing America’s premier holiday tree.

GE70To help add a little “green” to everyone’s Christmas trees, GE Lighting is sharing its top three reasons to switch to LED Christmas lights this year:

  • Longevity–a 20,000-hour rated life means the LED strings will last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent Christmas lights;
  • Pocketbook protector–using 90 percent less electricity and costing less than a dollar per season to operate makes the higher initial cost of LED strings more cost-effective in just one season of use; and
  • Reliability–break-resistant, cold-loving LED light sets are sturdier than incandescent light sets and more apt to work without fail for many Christmas seasons to come. There’s no bulb to fall out because the LED is fixed in place.

To learn more about GE Lighting, visit their website.